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Select The CD\DVD Diskette Name is a wizard screen where you choose settings pertaining to the backup diskette you will burn.
    Screen Items:
  • Select The CD\DVD Diskette Name - This is the format of the name to be burned onto your backup diskette. This name normally is 'DevBkp' followed by a date place-holder such as yyyymmdd . Alternately, you may type your own diskette name and\or date place-holder.

    The following is a list of available name formats for this type of backup file:
  • DevBkpyyyymmdd
  • DevBkpmmddyyyy
  • DevBkpddmmyyyy
  • DevBkpyymmdd
  • DevBkpmmddyy
  • DevBkpddmmyy
  • yyyy is year
  • mm is month
  • dd is day

    • Update Diskette Name With the Current Date During Every Backup - When checked, the date place-holder portion of your designated diskette name will be updated with the date of the backup.

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